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HAKARA - A Clarion Call for Tribal Identity and Development
Hakara Marathi
Since its inception, MAAS through its activities has been bringing together the policy planners, administrators, activists and academicians on one platform to discuss tribal issues in the perspective of comprehensive human development. One of the communication channels complementing these efforts has been our quarterly publication in Marathi, Hakara (A Clarion Call), which published since 1980 has been exclusively devoted to discuss tribal issues pertaining to identity and development in India.

Hakara now in its 28th year of publication has provided a platform to all promising young tribal activists, litterateures and poets to publish their literature which have been in most cases, their maiden publications. Continuing intellectual stimulation and support by Hakara to tribal cause has been publicly acknowledged by all reputed tribal activists and litterateures. It needs to be stated that no such publication in any Indian language for so long has been addressing all relevant issues of tribal identity and development.

Hakara Brochure
Hakara has been certified as A-grade publication by State Board of Literature and Culture of the Government of Maharashtra which along with ICSSR’s Western Regional Centre, Mumbai provides grant-in-aid to Hakara. Each number of Hakara focuses on one issue which is of concern to tribal people ranging from Forest, Land, Education, Health, Tribal Movements, Language and folk literature, Women issues, Dehabilitation, Tribal Identity and Pseudo-Tribalism, Malnutrition, Bonded Labour, Nomadic Tribes, Folk Art and Aesthetics, Employment Guarantee Schemes, Tribal Policy, Panchayat Raj and contributions of anthropology to study and understand tribal issues.
Hakara has always been regarded and referred as the “Flagship of MAAS” and plays the major role in all important activities of MAAS on tribal issues.

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