MAAS recognized as Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (SIROs) by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) under Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India       • MAAS recognized as Research Centre of Savitribai Phule Pune University for the disciplines of Anthropology and Health Sciences.
Acknowledging the activities and publications of MAAS, the Tribal Development Department, Government of Maharashtra offered a five-year project on Comprehensive and Sustainable Human Development of the Tribal people of Maharashtra jointly with Comprehensive Rural Health Project, Jamkhed. The project is titled ‘Adivasi Utthan Karyakram’ in Marathi. The Marathi word UTTHAN means Awakening and Development with Knowledge, and conveys the combined meaning of English terms Enlightenment and Enablement, It also refers to capacity achievement–equipment necessary for takeoff stage for self development. The term UTTHAN connotes primarily human capacity development and empowerment—enablement which would lead to material development and prosperity.

The project is focused on malnutrition amongst tribal children and infant mortality in tribal pockets of Maharashtra. Currently CTRD is implementing the programme on Comprehensive Tribal Development, jointly with Dr. R.S. Arole of the Comprehensive Rural Health Project (CRHP), Jamkhed, in seven districts of Maharashtra. This programme has been sanctioned by the Tribal Development Department, Government of Maharashtra. The programme aims at comprehensive and sustainable human development of tribal people of Maharashtra State. It aims to develop model for comprehensive and sustainable tribal development. Covering a population of 150,000 in over 250 villages in 9 predominantly tribal taluks from 7 districts of Maharashtra, the programme includes three primitive tribal groups in the State viz. – Katkari, Kolam and Madia. There are a total of 500 tribal village level volunteers contributing to this project. The main emphasis of the project is on maternal and child health with a focus on prevention of child malnutrition and mortality, its components including health, education, livelihood and income generation activities, organization of community-based organizations (CBO) like self help groups, youth clubs, farmers clubs, training of traditional birth attendants, herbalists and other traditional healers, village level elected representatives and programmes for increasing awareness about tribal identity.